Coffee Shop

In the article, we will introduce to you some romantic coffee shops that you should come when go to Hanoi.

Please come in for lunch at #8 Nguyen Hoang Ton. We have a rotating menu, so you'll be able to try something fresh and exciting...


Com hen (rice with baby clams)

Cơm hến is no longer the preserve of the poor people in Central Vietnam, but the favorite of Hue locals and tourists, thanks to its deliciousness...

Hotel Guide

Hanoi Blue Sky Hotel

Best rate guarantee Hanoi Blue Sky Hotel is located in the area of old streets in the center of Hanoi Capital. It just takes...
Helios Legend Hotel

Located at Hoan Kiem District - Hanoi, Helios Legend Hotel features 50 rooms with harmonious, cozy decoration style. Each room is equipped with full of amenities such as flat screen televisions, wireless internet access.