RockStore Hanoi

RockStore Hanoi
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Having a cocktail, listening live music and talking with friends in RockStore Hanoi is one of the best way to enjoy nightlife in Hanoi.

[caption id="attachment_5546" align="aligncenter" width="640"]RockStore Hanoi RockStore Hanoi[/caption]

Address: 61 Ma May, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Opening Hours: Daily 10:30 - late

Tel: +84 165 333 6087

Description: A small yet lively music bar in Old Quarter, RockStore Hanoi features a spacious dance floor, elevated stage, and mural paintings of music icons such as Elvis, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix. Its themed nights are especially popular, drawing in a good mix of locals, expats and travellers looking to mix and mingle. Drinks here are quite affordable, while the music policy ranges from classic rock and alternative to techno and house tunes. You can also enjoy a game of pool or catch up with the latest sports matches at RockStore Hanoi.

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"Great place with cool atmosphere, various beer choices, shisha, great fried potatoes. Really nice place to relax, drink, eat, smoke and feel the buzzy atmosphere of Hanoi. Interesting interior design".

"Good old music and great cocktails".

"Live DJ and waiters are very nice. I haven't chance to try cocktails but I think some beer with fried potatoes make me feel high. I really want to know how they make them that taste very special".

"The best new place in Hanoi. Good music, price and atmosphere,..."