10 best cafes for getting down and working in Hanoi

10 best cafes for getting down and working in Hanoi
UPDATED: 28 Feb 2018 451 Views

As a capital city, always crowded and noisy, Hanoi can be a remarkably difficult place to lesson plan, article research and presentation prepare. Here we list 10 cafe that are perfect for getting down and doing some work, with quietly played music and nice big desk-tables.

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Space Bar

Spacebar successfully blends cafe and co-working with comfortable work stations, delicious beverages and refreshingly reliable internet speeds. An offshoot of Clickspace, the pioneer of Hanoi co-working, Spacebar is the darling of expat freelancers and local creatives.


Manzi is a brilliantly peaceful haven tucked down a quiet street off Quan Thanh. Furnished with several good tables and chairs, this bright and spacious cafe cum gallery also offers a deal for freelancers where you pay one price for unlimited coffee and tea throughout the day.

Manzi Cafe (via Landscape Quartet)


Zephyr makes an excellent place to work, largely because there’s usually nobody else there. Never without a wide variety of places to set up your office for the day, Zephyr is also surprisingly quiet for being next to one of central Hanoi’s noisiest streets.


Tranquil is an understatement in describing this blissful one-room hideaway, which also doubles as a gorgeous little office space. Tranquil serves up some of the best coffee in the city, and people are actually told off if they’re too noisy!

Tang Tret Cosmo

Tang Tret Cosmo is the second installment in what has the potential to be a series of lovely Hanoi cafes. Set over two floors with a number of rooms of all shapes and sizes, this trendy little spot always has a quiet corner perfect for working.

Tang Tret Cosmo (via Ẩm thực Việt Nam)


Xofa doesn’t just offer sofas and coffee tables, but also some great tables that easily double as desks for working. Late night worker? Xofa is open 24/7, so if you’re on a roll, there’s never any need to pack up and head home.

To Chim Xanh

To Chim Xanh may have a fantastic rooftop terrace, but the tables downstairs are where you should be if you want to get some work done. They serve basic meals for lunch so you can stay the whole day if the deadlines require it.

Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea has tons of space, including desks with a few plug points, as well as pretty decent wifi and attentive staff. The café also has a couple of elements to get you through a tough project, such as a stunning rooftop and delicious cakes.

Cup of Tea (via We25.vn)


Jouri, just next door to the aforementioned Tang Tret Cosmo, is surprisingly easy to get some work done. It doesn’t necessarily look the part with deck chair-looking seats and a distracting amount of dessert. However, it feels relatively undisturbed, the seating is actually just the right level of comfortable without making you sleepy, and you get to sit outside while you work!


Boyle’s is a perfect place for offline workers. The minimal design allows for no distractions, as does the rather sketchy internet. So, if you need a place where you can’t get sidetracked by facebook (or certain café review websites) this is the one.

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