Align Cafe (Khuc Hao)

Align Cafe
Align Cafe

Name: Align Cafe (Khuc Hao)
Address: 10A Khuc Hao, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Phone: 0438489588
Description: An excellent decorated cafe and restaurant. The entranced is planted with bamboo tree making you feel that you are entering a jungle in a Chinese movie

 Align Cafe
Align Cafe


“I love the ambience and interior decorations at Align 3D Cafe. It is in a quiet side-street off a main road, which reinforces the notion that you found a little oasis in the midst of the noise and chaos of Hanoi traffic. Absolutely loved it, and plan to return soon.”

“The decoration is very nice, suitable for couples. The mushroom rice dish and the chocolate yogurt are very delicious However, it’s a little bit expensive. Anyway, I really remember how good the food was and I wish to come back again”

“I loved going for solo cafe trips, just drinking coffee and using my laptop to just surf the net or watch movies. So, I happened to chance by this place, within walking distance from old quarters and I went there on a bus! I’ve lived here for about a month, so I can go around quite well. The entrance was simply fantastic, a zen-looking bamboo forest is overhead as you walk into the building surrounded by a pond. It would be nice to sit either outside or inside, but I chose inside for the aircon in the summer heat. It is a little difficult to find but it’s worth it. Welcoming you is a majestic art piece dangling from the ceiling, with the brick-laden walls which gives you a rather colonial feel. I ordered Iced coffee with milk for 35k VND, a very reasonable price and sat there for a while. The only bad thing I didn’t like is that the cafe allows people to smoke in there and also I didn’t manage to see the cherry tree at the top because it’s closed!”