Caballos Cafe

Caballos Cafe

Name: Caballos Cafe
Address: 53 Hang Ma street, Hanoi, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Directions: Deep in the Old Quarter on a less frequented street than the usual expat destinations.
Phone: 04 22462 360
Menu: View Menu for Caballos Cafe
Description: A cafe and restaurant.
Weekly Events
Sat: Live Jazz, Latin music with Ocean band
Restaurant Type: Sit-down restaurant
Typical Price Per Person: 30,000 – 60,000
Speciality: special cocktails, delicious western and traditional foods and Latin music
Take Out: Yes
Delivery: Yes

Caballos Cafe
Caballos Cafe


“Very nice staff who really try hard and give good service. The food was fine but not outstanding. We liked the soups a lot except for the crab soup. The salad was also good but a bit overdressed. We order 2 of the Caballos special steak and 2 of the Vietnamese-style grilled steak but the only difference seems to be that the special had fries and the VN one had toast. Nicely presented and the wine was a pretty good value. The boy loved the Vietnamese ribs. So 4 stars for the food and atmosphere but the efforts of the staff gained the higher rating.”

“I had four happy years of restaurants and markets in valencia. I had three happy years of cebiche and aji [ot/chilli]with everything in peru. My recommendation: enjoy vietnamese food at vietnamese prices – i never got good “latina” food outside of the relevant country. You can’t even get good latin-american food in spain! If you live here and have a kitchen, you are in luck; the markets are good and they rarely try to rip you off unless you wear a baseball cap and shout at them in english or insist on shopping in the foreigner districts.
Hai Phong better … shrimps still jumping in the bag when you carry them home. Sea food in Do Son that even my Hai Phong friend could not name. Good munchies!”