L’amour Ice Cream

L'amour Ice Cream
L'amour Ice Cream

Name: L’amour Ice Cream
Address: no.5 Trieu Viet Vuong, Hanoi
Phone: unknown
Description: A small ice cream shop offering creative mixed of ice cream flavors

L'amour Ice Cream
L’amour Ice Cream


“French crepes were pretty good. L’amour rose ice-cream lovely. Macarons from another branch were BAD! Was soggy, clumpy and too soft. Some say it’s the best in Singapore… hmmm…. a bad day? Definitely French wanna-be.”

“There has been too much hype about this place. The chocolate served here is not the best I have had. The ice cream (we tried 3 different types) were disappointing and much too sweet.”

“The Braised Beef in Red Wine would be perfect if I can just have a side order of rice or mashed potatoes. The crepes are thicker than what I’m used to but are equally delightful.”

“I never sit in to this place. But almost 5 years here I went to the area always stopped by for macaroon to take home. All flavors are yummy. I could say it’s best macaroon in Singapore. Gladly I not pass thru this area that much otherwise I would be more puffier.”

“This place is famous for the pastries and macarons, and I would say they are pretty good. Many would compare this with Antoinette since they serve similar pastries. And.. It seems that the latter is better when it comes to macarons.
I have tried the mains here but it is mediocre and expensive.. So I would recommend to just go for the desserts.”