Segafredo (Xuan Dieu)

Segafredo (

Address: 36 Xuan Dieu Street, Tay Ho, Hanoi
Directions: Across the street from the Sheraton driveway
Phone: +84 4 37180212
Description: A large new coffeeshop just across from the entrance to the Sheraton Hotel.



“I actually found cafe by accident (I never did find the place I was actually looking for…) and, even though I was running short of time, walked straight expecting big things! The cafe obviously caters to a wealthy Vietnamese and expat crowd, evident by the vehicles parked out front, the international styling, the location and the prices. While it is obviously a chain and therefore has a franchise vibe, it still manages to retain some charm. The staff were helpful and quick but a little too submissive (i.e. deferential) and impersonal for my liking.

My first Doppio here was okay. It was served in Segafredo’s trademark black ware, which I personally think detracts significantly from the appearance. The taste was okay but lacking body. The temperature was great and it was served with a little chocolate which helped the taste significantly. The aroma was something else completely – I couldn’t work out whether it smelt more like a cane chair or dryer lint. Either way, not good.

I’ve since had a second doppio and it was marginally better than the first, being delivered with palpably more body.

If you’re staying at one of the big hotels in this area then this is a decent place for a western style coffee. However, if you’re based down by the old or french quarters there are better or equally good cafes a lot closer.”