Soldier coffee

cafe linh

Located on a busy street Goods Sails, modern but anyone to “Soldier Coffee” also have “leveled off” again before dark decor “military” here. From the ceiling to the walls either side of the restaurant are decorated with items such as a soldier’s gun, backpack, hat, water canteen …

cà phê, Hà Nội, độc đáo
Space bold “soldier” of the restaurantcà phê, Hà Nội, độc đáo

The decorations on the sides wall are familiar utensils in wartime.

cà phê, Hà Nội, độc đáo

These antiques have been consistent feat to produce quality collector of customs.

Each item or detailed decoration of soldiers were brought coffee for everyone especially the younger customers who’ve never heard of “smell” information war on the lives and hardships ordinary! that his father spent in the years of resistance against the French and American.

cà phê, Hà Nội, độc đáo
Come enjoy a coffee outside, visitors can borrow items to take souvenir photos of old.
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