Top romantic coffee shops in Hanoi

Top romantic coffee shops in Hanoi
UPDATED: 15 May 2017 79 Views

In the article, we will introduce to you some romantic coffee shops that you should come when go to Hanoi.

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August Cafe

August Cafe likes a naughty girl but very romantic, it is one of famous unique romantic style coffee shop in Hanoi. Therefore, this is the ideal destination for coffeeholics who always find the unique coffee shop.

August Cafe

August Cafe has 3 floors, each of them was differently designed and decorated. If the fist floor is youthfully furnished, we can see not only classic but also modern space in the 2nd floor and the romantic space in the 3rd floor. However, the most interested thing when you come to August cafe is the comfortable feeling, you can freely find a corner to post your own memorable pictures. This coffee shop is changed decorating style follow 4 seasons in year, which makes each time we come here is each different experience.

Location: August Cafe – 8B, Ha Hoi, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Hoa coffee

Romantic coffee shops in Hanoi

When come to Hoa coffee, you will immediately impression on simply but luxury beauty, coffee romantic comfortable space. Both the little glass to the table and chairs express sophistication of the shop’s owner.

In every weekend, you will have changes to show your voice in music show “sing together, listen together”. Besides, Hoa coffee have holding event, meeting services according to cutstomers’s order. The one who has never come to Hoa cafe want to come here to satisfy their keen interest, people who came here before want to come back many times as this shop’s good impression.

Location: Hoa coffee, 69 Tran Dai Nghia, Bach Khoa precinct, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.

Impress coffee

Vietnamese coffee

Impress coffee is one of famous romantic coffee shops in Hanoi as its very diversity menu, international coffee taste, such as: Alien royal café, Spain café, café Paris… besides, famous colorful mocktail and cocktail as: B52, B53, Margarita… or sodaout, juices will satisfy you because of different and sophistication taste that you cannot find out in others. Come to Impress café and feeling the relaxing.

Location: 55 Le Ngoc Han, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.

May Coffee

Romantic coffee shops in Hanoi

May Coffee put on itself  not only the simply, sweet beauty but also naughty appearance. When setting your first steps inside, you seem like step to a field with harmonious melody. It charming with nature simply door, 1st floor’s retro style, classical style on 2nd floor, the 3rd floor with colorful flowers and romantic space on 4th floor.

Menu with all teen’s favorite disks and drinks bring us unforgettable memory if we come to this. With pastel tone, May is the location that we can relax ourself  with a cup of warm cacao and tunable melody.

Location: 85 Nguyen Truong To, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

Coffee Minh Nguyen

Minh Nguyen Coffee

Minh Nguyen coffee is new destination of romantic people. It was designed with deep tone, architecture combine with space build up diversity in enjoying. The shop with 2 main floors and yard can serve 300 customers. Especially, it will have live acoustic music show in Tuesday and Friday evenings.

Minh Nguyen coffee serves fast food and drinks with the very suitable price. Shop have studio on the 2nd floor for the ones that like photo taking. The professional photographers will come there to exchange experiences with other and many activities will be taken place…

Location: 3/121 Le Thanh Nghi, Hanoi.

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