Braised fish in Clay Pot (Cá kho tộ)

Braised fish in Clay Pot (Cá kho tộ)
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Braised fish is a traditional food in a clay pot – a quintessential bite of Vietnamese food. Its exotic flavor and fragrances will surely make you mouth-watering. Visually, it looks simple but actually the cooking method requests lots of skills and techniques. Thanks to its delicious flavor, braised fish in clay pot remains among the best of Vietnamese cuisine.

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What make braised special?

Braised fish in Clay Pot Braised fish in Clay Pot

Tộ refers a clay pot which can be found only on Vietnam and its cost quite much. It is difficult to find a clay pot in resident market or you may get cheated by sellers. Fish cooking in clay pot offers stunning tenderness and exceptional flavor. And a perfect combination of seasoning is the key thing that makes braised fish too special. Seasonings include citronella, ginger, pepper, turmeric, fish sauce, green tea. Fish is cooked in a clay pot under weak heat for quite a long time until both fish’s flesh and bone are tender.

What type of fishes?

Braised fish Braised fish

Ca lóc (snakehead fish), cá rô phi (tilapia) and cá trê (catfish) are the popular choice for braised fish because they are pretty priced and the flesh is very lean. Those fishes are all rich in calcium and vitamins which are good for health. Vietnamese tend to eat both flesh and bone of fishes. Those fishes can be easily found in market or freezer sections of supermarket.