Chico Mambo

Chico Mambo
Chico Mambo

Name: Chico Mambo
Address: 114 Mai Hac De / 6 Thai Phien, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Directions: On the corner of Thai Phien (st that Vincom Towers is on) and Mai Hac De
Phone: +84 4 32800483
Category:  Western Restaurants
Description: A modern new corner cafe near the Vincom towers.
Restaurant Type: Sit-down restaurant
Typical Price Per Person: 30,000 – 60,000
Take Out: No
Delivery: No

Chico Mambo
Chico Mambo


“I’m posting from here live and dig the interior and exterior seating arrangements, as well as the menu and service.
The drinks menu is extensive and the food offered is a good mix of theirs and ours.
Good, really good.
Operating hours are from 7-23:00, and they have a decent breakfast selection ranging from pho to eggs with toast and jam.
**The piano player who starts at 20:00 and POUNDS ON THE KEYS for dramatic effect is really effing annoying. I’m tempted to drop el Chico to 1 star after being chased out with throbbing eardrums, but I’ll chalk it up to working out the kinks and pipe down for now. Jesus lord it was awful. Is it really so hard to pop in a Now That’s What I Call Lounge! cd and call it a day? Sheesh.”

“I concur with Atomic below, the place is great, though tends to get really busy at lunchtimes where you might find yourself exiled to the tables outside…which won’t be a bad prospect in a month or two when the temperature drops.
I’ve eaten quite a range from the menu and its good, well executed stuff, but I’m beginning to get the impression that there may be two shifts in the kitchen as the spaghetti bolognese can vary from the overly diced-carroty (is that a legitimate word?)at lunch to the quite frankly effortlessly executed by evening. Why am I raving about SpagBol? it’s my test on the ability to get relatively straightforward western food done well, and Chico Mambo delivers.
Bar the odd slip (carroty bolognese see above), the rest of the menu I’ve sampled has been great. Brown bread sandwiches! I almost wept at the sight of the grain-topped torpedo stuffed with tuna. The Vietnamese menu is well done too.
Prices were utterly reasonable and since Highlands Coffee just down the road, upped prices by a ludicrous amount, are now a complete steal.”