Delicacies of Dong Da District you must try

Delicacies of Dong Da District you must try
UPDATED: 09 Jan 2018 327 Views

Have you known all the most delicious dishes in Dong Da district? If no, then let’s start reading the suggestions below to know exactly what you should eat in this street food paradise!

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Mixed crab vermicelli

Mixed crab vermicelli is no more a strange dish for people in Hanoi, mixed crab vermicelli on La Thanh street is processed as many other places, but still has its own characteristics, making it outstanding in comparison with other eateries that sell the same dish in Hanoi.

The ingredients of this dish is quite diversified, from beef, pork, crab to vegetables, chopped onions,… but all are perfectly combined and together create an harmony of flavors in your mouth.

Mixed crab vermicelli (via Pinterest)

Fried Pho

To Dong Da district, do not forget to visit Kham Thien fried Pho, which is incredibly crispy and tasty. It can be said that pho has become a part of the lives of Hanoi children, but if you are fed up with regular pho, try changing your taste with a new kind of it, the fried Pho. The fried Pho will be crispy, served with beef sauce.

Grilled meat noodles

Grilled meat noodles is a symbolic dish of Hue. The eatery selling this dish is located neatly on Lang Ha Street, the noodles here is not too fussy, apart from pieces of meat coated with sesame and roasted peanuts, carrot strings and other chopped vegetables.

In particular, you can choose the sauce along with the dish, like broth or sweet-sour fish sauce, depending on your choice. Mix well and enjoy, I make sure it will definitely surprise you.

Grilled meat noodles (via Forum

Chicken sticky rice

Located on the bustling Truong Chinh street, the chicken sticky rice is one of the dishes that young people prefer to come when being in Dong Da district. The sticky rice here is not only fragrant, full of meat but also very delicious and addictive. This sticky rice eatery sells only in the afternoon, on the sidewalk, but is always crowded with customers.

Mixed rice paper

On Cau Giay street, there’s a mixed rice paper eatery that you definitely can not ignore. This is the first eatery selling this special snack appeared in Hanoi. A full set of mixed rice paper here consists of chopped rice paper mixed with dried beef, spinach, eggs, fried onion and dried shrimp blended together with a bit special sauce. For the first time to enjoy, many may not be familiar, but once get used to it, they will be “fascinated” immediately.

Mixed rice paper (via Justgola)

Snails stir-fried with coconut milk

This snack of the youth in Hanoi is one of must-try dishes when coming here. You can find this dish best on Luong Dinh Cua street. The snails here are selected carefully, delicious,… Especially, the snail, mixed with the sauce of fragrant sweet coconut milk​, the scent of tamarind, fragrant smell of ginger and the spicy taste of peppers makes it difficult to describe by normal words.

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