Nguyen Son (Kim Ma)

Nguyen Son
Nguyen Son

Name: Nguyen Son (Kim Ma)
Address: 543 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Directions: Just West of the Daewoo on Kim Ma street.
+84 4 37712550
Description: A cafe and bakery with a mild atmosphere and fine baked goods.

Nguyen Son
Nguyen Son


“I would like to go more often in nguyen son’ bakery in phan boi chau street in hanoi because this store is on the way to come back my house after work and because breads and cakes are good and not really expensive.”

“I went this morning to the Nguyen Son Bakery on Kim Ma, looking to brunch. The shop is well located on the avenue and rather large. They have plenty of imported candy, chocolates and other junk foods. I ordered a Paté Chaud and a sandwich (half baguette) to try their bread.”

“This is one of my favourite since I was a student and I always introduce this to my friends to come and try there. All replies are good. ^^. No word to express. Don’t stay there, if you are in Hanoi, find your nearest Nguyen Son bakery to be served.”

“This review is for their small shop at 28 XUÂN DIỆU, Tây Hồ Doesn’t have the same range of fresh products as the French bakery opposite but they do have excellent white and brown ’round’ bread (their labels not mine) as well as baguettes, pan au chocolat, croissants and other bread products at much more sensible prices.”