Fanny’s Ice Cream

Fanny's Ice Cream
Fanny's Ice Cream

Name: Fanny’s Ice Cream
48 Le Thai To, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Description: Recently renovated, Fanny Ice Cream is famous for so long, offering 11 flavors of ice cream including Japanese Green Tea, Belgium Dark Chocolate, Vietnamese young rice. Favourite place of locals as well as foreigners.
Delivery : Free delivery within 10 km of Fanny.
Promotion: Buffet Fanny on the first Friday of every month, from 06.30pm – 11.00pm. With only VND 110.000/ticket

Fanny's Ice Cream
Fanny’s Ice Cream

The story began twenty years ago. On his very first trip to Vietnam, Mr. Jean-Marc Bruno, French ice cream maker, fell in love with this beautiful tropical country. Amazed by the colors and flavors of the Vietnamese fruits, he had the idea to adapt French traditional recipes so to create the very first all-natural Vietnamese ice-creams and sorbets.

Mr. Bruno has learned his trade at the Lenôtre school in France, where Mr. Taurin was the head of the ice cream department. (Lenôtre school being the best pastry and desserts’ school in France). Back from Vietnam, Mr. Bruno teamed up with Mr. Taurin to adapt French ice creams and sorbets recipes to Asian ingredients. They identified ingredients, such as cream or milk that would have to be imported from France to guarantee a constant high quality. In 1994, Mr. Bruno moved to Hanoï to start Fanny ice cream, while Mr. Taurin became World champion of frozen desserts (in Turin, Italy, 2003).

With a commitment to quality at the top of the agenda, – from raw ingredients selection to finished products to specialty ingredients which are flown in from around the world, Fanny’s is the crème de la crème when it comes to ice-cream.

Alongside championing traditional flavours. Fanny remains  a pioneer in the discovery and creation of truly unique new flavours. Over the past year Fanny has introduced flavours such as Amarula, processed from the fruits of the African Marula tree, and Blackcurrant sorbet, from specialty selected French black currant. Many more flavours are regularly issued: register on our mailing list or our Facebook group to be notified. Enjoy our ice creams and sorbets either directly from the tube, or in our homemade biscuit cones: currently Fanny offers more than forty creative flavors of ice cream and flavors to choose from, and will continue to amaze you with new creations all year round: don’t miss them !

Fanny also expresses its love of natural ingredients and French recipes with delectable crepes, cakes and coffees, as well as granites, milkshakes, smoothies and  juices. All our stores recreate a French atmosphere, where you can forget the turmoil of the city and indulge with healthy and tasty treats for families as well as couples on an after-dinner date as well as friends catching up.

Over nearly 20 years of development, Fanny has become the leader of premium ice cream in Vietnam with more than 200 employees, more than 1,000 customers, five ice cream shops in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, and reaches much more customers thru an extended distribution’s network, including supermarkets and luxury hotels and restaurants.