Westlake Cupcake

Westlake Cupcake
Westlake Cupcake

Name: Westlake Cupcake
151 Thuy Khue, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
0121 9499 523
Email: mia@westlakecupcake.net
Description: Offers custom-baked cupcakes made to order, you can choose the flavors from the menu. Ingredients are preservative free.

Westlake Cupcake
Westlake Cupcake

We specialize in custom baked cupcakes made to order. We guarantee to use the best locally sourced ingredients so you get yummy, preservative free cupcakes. Ordering is easy: choose your cupcake flavour and pair it with one of our decadent frosting.

Ask us about our cupcake stations for your next birthday party or event. The kids will love it!
For inquiries, please email anna@westlakecupcake.net
We recommend at least 24 hours notice for orders.

*Minimum order of 6 cupcakes
*Address is for pick up purposes only
*Delivery charges apply

Now available in singles at Oasis (24 Xuan Dieu) & Oasis (Golden Westlake Residences, 151 Thuy Khue), La Place (6 Au Trieu) and in minis at Southgate Restaurant (28 Tong Duy Tan)


“Like the other reviewers, I was in search of some weekend cupcakes for the kids and thought about heading to 151 Thuy Khue. Then, I read the posting which said “custom baked cupcakes made to order” which gave me the inkling that there may not actually be a shop. So, I called and spoke with Mia who could not have been more friendly. She said they bake the cupcakes from home and can deliver.

So, I avoided the 20 minute walk in the midday sun looking for something that does not exist. I can understand the other poster’s frustration if I was expecting to come back with yummy cupcakes and only came back drenching wet with sweat.”