Backpacking Ham Lon mountain

Backpacking Ham Lon mountain
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About 40km from Hanoi, visitors can easily reach Ham Lon mountain by bus, car or motorbike. Camping over night or conquer Ham Lon are exciting activities when backpacking to this mountain.

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Overview of Ham Lon Mountain

Ham Lon Mountain belongs to Doc Ton range, Soc Son, Hanoi. With 462 meter in height, Ham Lon which is the tallest peak in Hanoi was dubbed the “roof of the Capital”. Located only 40 km from Hanoi towards North Thang Long – Noi Bai expressway, so it is not too hard to go here, just taking approximately one hour. Therefore, you can conquer this mountain during the day or you can stay longer if you want to watch the sunset and sunrise on the mountain.

Nui Bau Lake Nui Bau Lake

Visitors can start immediately climbing Ham Lon Mountain or visit the Nui Bau Lake first. Nui Bau Lake is a lake located at the foot of the mountain, amid the hills of green pine and acacia trees.

There are two paths up to the mountain. The first path is a fairly flat trail, easy to go and fewer bushes. To reach the peak, it will take only two or two and a half hour. The second route is along streams, which suitable for those who like adventuring and discovering. It takes approximately four hours for travelling. Tourists will have to overcome small streams and bushes. Although, some parts of the way, tourists have to open path by themselves, it is an attraction of the way to conquer this mountain.

Activities at Ham Lon mountain

Camp overnight at Ham Lon mountain Camp overnight at Ham Lon mountain
  • Conquer Ham Lon by bike
  • Camp overnight under the foothill near the lake
  • Take a rest and relax at shady and flat area on the top of Ham Lon Mountain

Tips when backpacking Ham Lon mountain

  • Time conquered most appropriate Ham Lon you should go into the weekend two days Saturday and Sunday.
  • Prepare hiking shoes to avoid slippery.
  • Bring a blanket to underwear while sleeping.
  • Preparing food and drinks available.
  • Bandages, some medications, insect and wind oil.