Co Loa Citadel

Co Loa Citadel
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Co Loa Citadel is the easiest of the Hanoi day trip, about 16km outside the city.

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Co Loa is located on Co Loa commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi. In the past, Co Loa was the capital of Au Lac Kingdom – An Duong Vuong dynasty (3rd century BC) and of Dai Viet kingdom – Ngo Quyen dynasty (10th century). It is completely different to other historical relics, because it is a special complex spreading throughout a very large area of approximately 500 ha.


A corner of Co Loa Citadel A corner of Co Loa Citadel

Co Loa is appreciated as the oldest building, the most large-scale structure and the most unique in the history of the ancient Vietnamese. When building Co Loa, the ancient Vietnamese knew to use the natural terrain advantage, utilizes the height of the hill, mound, to build two walls on the outside so the two walls has curving lines in the terrain. The main material used to build that is ground, stones and broken pottery. According to legend, it has 9 spirals; however, there still has 3 round.

Value of Co Loa Citadel

Nowadays, Co Loa Citadel has not only been a cultural heritage but also a lively evidence of the creation, the technique skill as well as the ancient Vietnamese culture in their struggle of protecting Vietnam from its invaders, it also becomes the ideal destination for tourists all over the world who want to discover the cultural values, the familiar landscape of a peaceful Northern village.

Festival at Co Loa Citadel on the January 6th every year Festival at Co Loa Citadel on the January 6th every year

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Every year, on the January 6th as per lunar calendar, the Co Loa villagers organize a solemn festival to commemorate those built up the Citadel, especially express their great attitude to An Duong Vuong King – the founder of feudal Au Lac Kingdom. The best way to travel to Co Loa citadel is to take a biking tour and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside.