Free Walking Tour 02: How will a particular walking tour be?

Free Walking Tour 02: How will a particular walking tour be?
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This is a tour diary report that we want tourists to have a further view towards how a particular free walking tour is conducted.

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Our time set was 9:30 am on June 29, 2016 at Maison d'Orient Hotel, 26 Ngõ Huyện, Hàng Trống, Hà Nội. Vietnamese often say there's hardly anything happening the same at the third time,  and it's true to us. The two previous times (Food tour 01 & Walking tour 01), we all got trouble with picking up our guests. Fortunately, things went well right from the beginning at this time. Our guest was a lovely couple from America and we was going to do a half day tour.

French Quarter

walking tour 02 Saint Joseph Cathedral of Hanoi

Since nearby the hotel, Saint Joseph Cathedral was our first destination of the walking tour. At the spot, we had chance to share about our religion which connected us more closely right from the beginning. As a start of a historical relic from the French, we kept following French Quarter, along the windy Sword Lake.

walking tour 02 Besides the Sword Lake

 It seemed to be a very nice day except the sun. The weather was so hot that sweat kept running down from their faces, especially the lady. So we dropped into an exhibition for a while where air-conditioner is served, and we were soon cooled down.

walking tour 02 A made-of-rice-paper shown in the exhibition

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One by one, French Quarter quickly got conquered by us, but we were conquered by a sudden rain which led us to run hurriedly and go into hiding under the roof of the octagonal building in Ly Thai To garden. Rain, French streets, and couples made us feel like being in the city of love, Paris. That's how we bravely face with the rain and sing the legendary love song "Singing in the rain" literally in the rain.

walking tour 02 "Singing in the rain" performed by the lovely guest couple and my company buddy

The Old Quarter

Vietnamese says "The sky pours when God falls ill, I get lovesick whenever I'm with you". No matter it was raining, we were right at the Old Quarter, a collection of the old Hanoi, so we couldn't miss the chance chasing our love for the city to explore every single corner of it, from oldest streets, a revolutionary house at 46 Hang Ngang, a spectacularly historical temple to a hundred-year bridge, thousand-year gate, and so on.

walking tour 02 In front of O Quan Chuong, a thousand year citadel gate walking tour 02 Next to Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural

Food & Drink

During the walking tour, we couldn't miss Hanoi cuisine which contributes a tremendously significant part to Hanoian culture. After having been to ancient historical relics, we decided to try something young which means something the youth like most, and milktea was our final decision.

walking tour 02 Gossiping at a milktea shop is loved by Hanoian youth

Walking tour under the rain was fun but it seemed to burn almost our energy so a set of Bun cha served with crispy crab spring rolls would not only desire our stomach but also be a fantastic experience of an authentic taste of Hanoi.

walking tour 02 Fun time with Bun cha

Each journey has its end, but the end of one will open a new door for another. We got to say goodbye to each other, and wished them to experience more new interesting things in Hanoi by their own way, because it is said that the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.