Hanoi – Ba Be – Ban Gioc Waterfall Tour 4 Days


After a long tiring trip in Hanoi, take a journey to visit Ban Gioc and Ba Be Lake, visitors will be immersed in the spectacular scenery of the romantic and beautiful waterfall or a green, calm lake with fresh poetic space which will create for guest unforgettable feeling of peace and serenity of the natural wonderland here.

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Day 1: Hanoi – Ba Be Lake

Today, take in scenic vistas of a natural attraction as you travel to Ba Be National Park through a 250km drive. On the way, you will have lunch at some scheduled stopovers and have a chance to visit the village of Tay ethnic group. On your arrival at Ba Be National Park, sightseeing with a local guide includes a boat trip to see the beautiful scenery and to admire the amazing landscapes along the Nang River through a visit to Ba Be Lake, Puong Grotto, Dau Dang Waterfall, and Widow Island.

Ba Be Lake (via Du lịch Hoàng Việt)

The peaceful atmosphere and stunning greening environment here will let you relax and comfortable after a hard working period as well as a long drive to visit here.

This afternoon, the drive continues to the village of Tay ethnic minority people. You will visit and explore their stilt house and spend an overnight at a homestay here.

Day 2: Ba Be National Park – Hua Ma cave – Trung Khanh

Today, a journey into Hua Ma cave to admire the fascinating system of stalactites. Then, enjoy lunch at a restaurant in Ba Be National Park. Later, travel into the lovely landscape of Cao Bang Province where the Nung ethnic group inhabits and develops their cultural traditions from the ancient time. In addition, you will have a chance to see the traditional dress of Nung people and learn about their daily life. The drive will take you to Quang Uyen district to see the most typical characteristics of Nung community. Spend an overnight at the hotel here.

Hua Ma Cave (via Techrum)

Day 3: Trung Khanh – Nguom Ngao Cave – Ban Gioc Waterfall

Start the day with an included trekking through some legendary sights, including an exploration of Than Giap commune in Trung Khanh district to gain insight into the local lifestyle and enjoy the splendid beauty of nature here. This trekking excursion through mountains and hills will make you run out of energy, however, on the way back, you will feel relaxed and excited by an immense scene of rice terraces along with the presence of local farmers. Later, another trekking road through Nguom Ngao Cave is waiting for you. The breathtaking dark scenery inside, as well as the sound of the stream, will let you enjoy one of the most challenging trip in your memory. An amazing path along with the interesting legends will make your excursion more magical and mysterious. Then, continue the trip to Ban Gioc waterfall.

Ban Gioc Waterfall (via IDP Travel)

While driving to Ban Gioc Waterfall, you will see the poetic scenery outside with a wide range of rice fields as well as the local houses. At Ban Gioc Waterfall, you can be amazed by the majestic beauty of the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam. After that, you will spend time on a rafting trip near the waterfall before heading towards Saigon – Ban Gioc resort for an overnight.

Day 4: Ban Gioc – Hanoi

Another morning on this trip is on the way back to Hanoi, the marvelous landscapes along the path will make you excited and identify the typical sceneries of the Northwestern region including the mountain ranges, the rice terraces stretching from one place to others as well as the simple and tranquil villages. The driver will stop at a village famous for tobacco production so that you can understand more about the local culture and its way of living. Enjoy your lunch on the way back to Hanoi and your trip ends.

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