Casa Mia

Casa Mia

Name: Casa Mia
Address: 517 Kim Ma, Hanoi
Directions: Directly across Kim Ma from the Daewoo Hotel.
Phone: +84 4 37711298
Description: A comfortably designed restaurant serving a variety of Asian and European dishes.
Restaurant Type: Sit-down restaurant
Typical Price Per Person: 60,000 – 150,000
Speciality: Reasonably priced European cuisine
Take Out: Yes
Delivery: No

Casa Mia
Casa Mia


“I still remember the first time that I ate here. It was November last year, on the very same day that Kim Ma street was submerged by what they called the worst flood of the decade in Hanoi.I walked barefoot into the premises after wading and struggling through knee-deep water outside. As my house is not too far from the office, I often went home for lunch. However, that day I had no other option but Casa Mia.

Ribs with potato mash was my choice and it was good. Not the best ribs that I’ve ever had but everything was done in the right way. In addition, while having lunch I could see water rising outside the window and a car with stalled engine floating in front of Daewoo Hotel. It seemed like the rain would never stop coming down and the owner made a vital decision to block the entrance with sandbags. I got the feeling that this is my last decent lunch before the Apocalypse. If I review Casa Mia back at that time, it would be a 5, definitely.

After that epic lunch I’ve returned to Casa Mia for several times, only to find my first impression totally vanished. The decor is still the same, very eye-catching, and they even extended the lower floor to gain more seats. But the enjoyment of eating good ribs that day is a thing that I could never revive. The other dishes in the menu are just ‘meh’, especially pizza and pho that I personally and highly recommend you not to try. Their pizza is tasteless and overdone; pho is even worse because they simply don’t know how to make the stock. Service here is dead slow although they have like an army of staffs running around.”