La Lua – Wild Rice

La Lua – Wild Rice

Name: La Lua – Wild Rice
Address:6 Ngo Thi Nham Str., Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Directions: Take Ngo Quynh South from the Metropole until it becomes Ngo Thi Nham. La Lua will be on the right just after the name change.
Phone:+84 4 39438896
Description: A beautifully decorated dining space offering contemporary Vietnamese cuisine.
Restaurant Type:Sit-down restaurant
Typical Price Per Person:150,000 – 300,000
Speciality:Contemporary Vietnamese Cuisine
Take Out:No

La Lua – Wild Rice
La Lua – Wild Rice


“we went with a group and were taken to this restaurant. I had no expectations because there were so many people in the group. But the food was perfect – local, mysterious, and with great variety.”

“Had a nice dinner here. They have a nice selection of wines and the atmosphere is very pleasant. The sautéed greens with garlic were excellent and the fried fish with sweet and sour sauce was also good.”

“Interesting old colonial building. Charming interior. Excellent service, but some people might find that overwhelming. Partial silver service. A number of dishes which we had not experienced before, such as stuffed pancakes and spring rolls with banana. Our Vietnamese guide reckoned the food was very authentic. Drinks reasonable too.”

“At the first glance, this restaurant has a lovely and elegance environment. Unfortunately, having sit down for a while, we find that there were a lot of small fries around us. Probably they came from the flower decoration on each table. We order drinks including a bottle of distilled water and a glass of ice tea. The waiter did not open the bottle of water for me, i.e. he gave me a bottle which was exactly the same with that I bought it from a store/supermarket on the street. The waiter also did not gave me a drinking straw for the ice tea That means the waiter was in lack of common F&B knowledge. We order a soup. The soup was served in a small bowl (4 inch). That small bowl should only exist in every household of Chinese/Vietnamese family but not such beautiful fancy restaurant. The quantity of food was small. Taste was very average. But the restaurant was very pricey. I strongly recommended not to visit this restaurant.”