Little Hanoi (Hang Gai)

Little Hanoi
Little Hanoi

Name: Little Hanoi (Hang Gai)
Address: 21 Hang Gai, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Directions: At the north end of Hoan Kiem Lake.
Phone: unknown
Description: A small eatery popular with tourist and those lounging around the lake.
Restaurant Type:Sit-down restaurant
Typical Price Per Person:60,000 – 150,000
Speciality:Light meals and drinks
Take Out:No

Little Hanoi
Little Hanoi


“We enjoyed this restaurant but don’t be confused – there are two with the same name on the same street 10m away from each other which is very confusing when you are meeting someone and they are at one Little Hanoi and you’re at the other one.. All in all nice food and drinks. Good location for beer garden and to go down to the lake. Lots of young tourists around which is cool.”

“This is a nice, clean little bistro with really good local cuisine and other alternatives for a moderate price. It’s relatively small and had a lineup the whole time we were there. I would definitely eat there again.”

“The service was a little slow, but extremely friendly. I came in the middle of the dinner rush and the place was packed. On the tables – under the glass there are probably thousands of reviews written by people on a daily basis in many languages proving how amazing the food is! The food that first meal shocked and amazed…It was light, but flavorful…just delicious!!! This is THE PLACE to visit when in Hanoi. I came back for other meals and even took a cooking class with chef Jimmy, it was private and I had lots of hands on experience with the food, spices and he gave me all the amazing recipes I wanted. He even changed the menu, with a slight adjustment in price, to accomodate all the food I wanted to try cooking!! It was an experience I won’t forget!! 🙂 I will definitely be back on future trips and will advise everyone I know to visit on their trips, it was that memorable!!”