Luc Thuy Restaurant

Luc Thuy Restaurant
Luc Thuy Restaurant

Address: 16 Le Thai To Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
Phone: 04 62838888
Description: A Sino-Viet fusion restaurant on the banks of Hoan Kiem.
Restaurant Type: Sit-down restaurant
Typical Price Per Person: 300,000 and up
Speciality: Chinese, Vietnamese dishes – Sichuan Chicken, Suckling Pig, Crispy Skin Duck
Take Out: No
Delivery: No

Luc Thuy Restaurant
Luc Thuy Restaurant


“Location is good. Food is too expensive. Avoid ordering western food as they don’t seem to excel in it. The cost is too high and the steak we ordered was noteworthy the most we we paid. Stick to local food. Good Live music, especially the violinist.”

“Good food and drinks. Excellent service. On your way around the lake. Nice place to relax if you want as Hanoi is a bit hectic.”

“After a tour of the city stopped in front of Luc Thuy to assess whether we would dine there in the evening and were quickly moved on by the security guy. Nevertheless, the location was great so we returned for dinner. Service extremely poor and food disgusting. Such a shame as the location overlooking the lake is so beautiful. Do not order chicken dishes sticky rice or squid.”

“Its a nice place to sit down in the air con lounge, rest your legs, enjoy the music and drink all kinds of beer while enjoying Hoan Khiem lake.
Had dinner at the Chinese restaurant some times before, seated with my business associates in a private room. If you dared, please try the duck blood. Not bad really.”