Nguyen Son Bakery (Phan Boi Chau)

Nguyen Son Bakery
Nguyen Son Bakery

Name: Nguyen Son (Phan Boi Chau)
Address: 17A Phan Boi Chau, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
Directions: Opposite Quan An Ngon on top of Phan Boi Chau
Phone:(043) 822 2228
Description: Offering the best quality of cakes and bread in Hanoi, having second floor to serve you a quick lunch as well

Nguyen Son Bakery
Nguyen Son Bakery


“I would like to go more often in nguyen son’ bakery in phan boi chau street in hanoi because this store is on the way to come back my house after work and because breads and cakes are good and not really expensive. But, each time i go out this shop i feel irritated because saleswomen are not welcoming with customers (even they cannot speak english they could be smiling) and they talk each other near cash register like they are in a bar. Almost i have to say “sorry to disturb you” when i would like to pay goods.
The most annoyed event was yesterday, around 7pm. I entered in the shop and i went directly to the bread display. When i took the bread i would like to buy (with my hand that was a mistake i recognise) saleswoman came on me yelling “no no no no” with
a grimly face as a teacher tells of a pupil doing a mischief. After that she continued to eat her biscuit and became to explain in vietnamese to her colleagues what i did, maybe believing i didn’ t understand what she said. What humiliant situation ! Yes i do a mistake but Saleswoman did the bigger wrong with That behaviour.
In writing this comment i just would like to ask the manager to brief their employees about what a saleswoman/man have or don’t have to do, have or don’t have to say because salespeople reflect company’s profile. Now, for my part, cakes of nguyen son’s bakery have a bitter taste.”