Probeef Restaurant

Probeef Restaurant
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Address: 104 Yet Kieu Str,Hai Ba Trung,Hanoi Phone: 043 941 3250 WebSite: Email:  [email protected] Description: A Vietnamese steak restaurant at the southern end of Yet Kieu Street. Restaurant Type:  Sit-down restaurant Typical Price Per Person: 150,000 - 300,000 Speciality: steaks Take Out: No Delivery: No

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In a word, awesome. I honestly don't know what I would do if this website didn't exist. A wealth of information that is unparalleled to anything I have seen in many other Asian cities. Downsides? Somewhat strict and counter-intuitive rules regarding posting questions. That and a pool of smug user...

"The staff were ok, but I would prefer them to smile more to guests. Wifi was not connectable. I chose medium shoulder beef steak with red wine sauce. The red wine sauce was a bit sweet. But the beef steak was marinated well, and I loved it and I am picky when it comes to beef... We ordered cucumber + tomato salad as well but they put passion fruit sauce on it and the sauce was extremely bland. Thankfully, I am used to eating raw tomato and cucumber... The pate we ordered was tasty. I love their bread that went with the steak, it was very hot (careful or you may burn your hands) and did smell like good bread, not like supermarket bread... But I never came across any steak place in Hanoi that doesn't offer chips with their steak. Moo beef steak is the first one... But their bread kept me full up... The side salad that came with the steak is nothing special but still better than most places: tomato, cucumber, olive and pickles.. I would go back for the steak for sure."