Soft Water Restaurant

Soft Water Restaurant


Address: Number 42 Road 9, F361 An Duong, Yen Phu Ward,Tay Ho, Hanoi
Directions: An Duong runs off Duong Yen Phu/Au Co, opposite Sofitel Plaza
Phone: (84 – 4) 2260 8968

Soft Water Restaurant
Soft Water Restaurant

Description: In accordance with Asian tradition, water symbolizes the softness, luck and good fortune. From that belief, the concept of Soft Water was founded, with the desire to pour into the broad lifelines a small cooling trickle that will continue to flow for many years to come.The Soft Water welcomes kindred spirits in seek in relaxation, calm joy and freedom for their minds and body in one with nature.
According to the ancient proverb “Obaque then come purity”. At Soft Water, the majestic of the harmonious scenery, combined with the exquisite cuisine, purifies the emotions, sweep away the sorrows and restore balance. Those who visit will leave feeling happy and serence.
Soft Water catering menu are also the talk of the town, with its fusion Modern Asian approach added to the wonderful creative knowledge of our team, makes it a perfect function and catering partners! Our wine and liquor lists will sure to impress you, with a variety of choices and best-kept named brands. We also can taylor a good party for you, such as dinner party, buffet, cocktail, launching or end year party.
Come and join with us the beautiful garden, smiling staff and good food.
Happy Hours: Every day from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm