Thuy Ta Cafe

Thuy Ta Cafe
Thuy Ta Cafe

Name: Thuy Ta Cafe
Address:1 Le Thai To, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi
Directions: On the northwest bank of Hoan Kiem Lake.
Phone: unknown
Description: A lakeside restaurant and cafe.
Restaurant Type:Sit-down restaurant
Typical Price Per Person:60,000 – 150,000
Take Out:No

Thuy Ta Cafe
Thuy Ta Cafe


“This restaurant is a little pricey for Vietnam but the food and atmosphere are great. The patio provides a great view of the lake. Had a banana split and it was a great to cool off on a hot day. We did have to chase down a waitress to pay the bill though.”

“The staff are either completely incompetent or they are purposely trying to over bill. We had 2 beverages and croissants and it took 3 tries to get a correct bill. Mistakes I can accept but not being completely ignored by 3 staff including the cashier who were at the desk 2′ from me and passing around their IPhones showing photos to each other and giving me deadfaced looks when I asked to pay the bill. After taking my credit card and then not completing the transaction they continued their conversation. It really got to be pretty blatant rudeness. So sad – they are in a lovely location and the building itself is very pretty but this is level 1 restaurant dressed up as a 9. We have found the Vietnamese hospitality to be exceptional so this experience was extra disappointing.”