Tsubaki Restaurant

Tsubaki Restaurant
Tsubaki Restaurant

Name: Tsubaki Restaurant
Address: 145 Thuy Khue Street, Tay Ho, Hanoi
Directions: Near the backdoor of Golden West Lake Residence , just 5 minutes walking from Somerset West Lake Apartment
Phone: 04 37282956
Email: nhahang.tsubaki@gmail.com
Restaurant Type: Sit-down restaurant
Typical Price Per Person: 150,000 – 300,000
Speciality: Special fresh Udon Noodle, Beef Tedon Curry rice ( and of course many kinds of sushi, sashimi, ..)
Take Out: Yes
Delivery: Yes

Tsubaki Restaurant
Tsubaki Restaurant

Japanese cuisine’s emphasis on presentation, quality ingredients and thoughtful combinations of flavours make it a delight for refined gourmands. Michael Libucha reports that Tsubaki keeps the tradition of quality sushi alive in Ha NoiOne of Ha Noi’s newest Japanese restaurants, Tsubaki serves up well-prepared sushi, quality sashimi and a wide range of meals from the Land of the Rising Sun that you may not find at other local Japanese eateries.

Tsubaki opened in April after chef and owner Nguyen Van Quy quit his job at another Japanese restaurant in town to launch his own business.

When the head chef is also the owner of a restaurant, diners can expect that little bit extra in the quality and preparation of the food. Trained as an itamae (sushi chef), Quy says making and eating sushi is an art.

“Sushi is all about delighting the senses; that includes not only taste but also presentation – the colours of the dish must be in harmony along with the tastes and textures,” says Quy. “The flavours can be sharp or subtle. Therefore, the quality of ingredients is very important.”

The modest-sized three-level restaurant, which can seat up to 50 people, sources its fish from seafood markets at places such as Hai Phong and Nha Trang, or wherever Quy can get his hands on the freshest and best catches of the day.

During a recent visit to Tsubaki, I started my meal with a dish of tantalising sashimi – a type of sushi that is beautiful in its minimalism. It is simply raw fish served chilled and sliced, and elegantly arranged.

Quy says sashimi should be prepared with fish fresh from the water. Slicing the fish is a skill, as different fish must be cut in subtly different ways, and fish cut too thin or thick make a different impression on the taste buds.